Hunting Opportunities


Hilltop Hunting offers some of the the finest trophy whitetail deer hunting in Wisconsin. The tri-county region of western Wisconsin , including Jackson, Trempealeau, and Buffalo counties, is famous for its outstanding trophy deer hunting. The reigons geography is ideal for growing trophy bucks. Small sections of agricultural land amongst larger sections of mixed hardwood forest provide both food and cover necessary for optimal growth.

Gun Hunting

During this prime season for deer hunting, Hilltop Hunting places you just 20 miles from Black River Falls, the deer hunting capital of Wisconsin


Hilltop Hunting offers the ideal location for the serious bowhunter. Living for the week on the land being hunted allows the hunter to slip quietly into the woods in search of that trophy buck. The long bowhunting season also allows for many choices of conditions from early fall, to early winter.


The spring and fall turkey seasons offer the hunter a wide range of hunting opportunities in Wisconsin's turkey zone 7, one of the states heaviest harvest zones.

The early morning gobbling is almost deafening as the Toms announce their availability during the incredible spring turkey season at Hilltop Hunting. Gobblers will be seen and heard- coaxing them into range is always the challenge. Even the final weeks of the 6 week season offer good opportunities to bag a Tom.


Spring turkey tactics can be safely stowed away for the fall season. Different strategies are required to get close to the flocks of turkeys busily feeding to store energy for the long winter to come. This can be used to the hunters advantage and offers the fall hunter an excellent chance to harvest a bird.

Other Activites

Hilltop Hunting guests can enjoy many other activities while staying at the Century Farmhouse. Go to the chicken house to gather your morning eggs; watch the horses saunter up to say hello; hike, bike, or see the sights along the Mississippi River; golf at one of the 8 golf courses within a half hour of the Farm.Or maybe just sit on the porch and watch the sun rise or set over the hills of one of the most beautiful regions in America.